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NOTORIOUS POSSUM is the passion-project shingle of  producer-director-writer-composer CHRIS EMERSON, a wearer of way too many hats.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE indirectly launched Chris' entertainment career when he won a speedboat as a contestant on the show and was unable to afford the taxes. So he took a job in television production and discovered a love for the behind-the-scenes machinations of the entertainment industry, eventually segueing into development and talent management.


Chris has worked professionally as a film producer, writer, performer, director, executive and behind-the-scenes guy. He has sold projects to all of the major film and television outlets in Hollywood and beyond.  Writers managed by him have written on many TV series and feature film projects. He has written music scores for clients, he has edited projects for clients, he has written scripts with clients.  He has worked for others (Sony, Disney, MTV, CBS, to name a few...) and he has worked on his own (E-Squared, to name just one...).  And now he hangs out most days with his awesome colleagues at Magnet Management.

And he makes cat videos... never forget the cat videos.

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